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Po Chue's Fitting Room
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Formal Wear


  • scissors Did you find the perfect Dress with matching shoes only to find the dress doesn't fit right or a Gown for a formal that needs to be brought down a size? How about a prom dress that needs a hem or taking in at certain areas? I can alter all kinds of formal wear including bridesmaid and wedding dresses, prom wear and other related events. Men's dress shirts, including all designer cloths as well!

    Old or New Jeans need repairing?


  • scissors Jeans can be expensive, and can wear off and rip on the bottom. I specialize in restoring the bottom of jeans to its original look giving you back the original hem. I can also shorten or extend new pairs of jeans.

    Are your clothes too big?

  • scissors I can take almost any large size and turn it into a smaller size.

    Old Clothes out of Style?

  • scissors I can change shoulders into a more current look.

    Recent change in waistsize?

  • scissors I can add or reduce the waistline for almost any types of pants.

    Not sure what you need altered?

  • scissors I like the challenge of taking something very old and turn it into a new design.